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The Tale of Two Ice Moms

Thank you for visiting Stylish Silhouettes. We are two figure skating moms who have traveled together for years with our daughters and their teams to various competitions and events. After spending so much time together, we even ended up making holiday gifts for the kids at our rink together. Some of these items became popular and we thought - hey, this is kind of fun, I wonder what else we can do.

During one season of far flung competitions, we decided that we were going to give this small business thing a shot. We were going to make products our girls and their friends would like and were hard to come by.

Here we are at our very first booth.

Here we are at our very first booth.

Our cutomized skater silhouette bleached jacket was one of our first products

We started with what we were doing first - bleached tees. Then we moved onto car decals, which were fun. Then our fabulous skating director asked if we could do bleached tees for the spring skating competition. We did a test shirt and realized pretty quickly that from a distance, you couldn't see the design. However, we had been playing with the heat transfer vinyl for a while, so we did one in white vinyl. The skating director offered us the chance to do the shirts (She kind of rocks, don't ya know!) and we were hooked.

Then we discovered the vast array of vinyl that comes in GLITTER. Well, there's not much more a skate mom likes than things that sparkle. It's a thing. There will be no apologies! We love our glitter and metallics. Quickly we found that this is what we love. Making customized shirts and items that have a pop of glitter or shine was exactly what was in our wheel house and from then on, we were creating up a storm.

We love custom orders and are ready to help you make your product for your event or occasion a reality. Whether you have one or one hundred of an item, we are up for it. We love the diversity of our requests and are always up for the challenge of finding just the right touch to make your product special.

So there you have it. The beginning of Stylish Silhouettes(yeah, we know it's hard to spell, thus the givestylish.com address.) So send us an email or give us a call and let us help you make something special. Don't forget to come visit us on Facebook and Instagram. We're kind of chatty - if you hadn't already figured it out!

- Hope and Kris